How To Quickly Build Your MLM Online Business In 5 Easy Steps

This article will give you a summary on what you will need and how to use the internet to build your MLM business online.

When marketing your MLM business online you will NOT be sending traffic to your company’s replicated rep website clickfunnels discount. The sites does not turn visitors into leads for your MLM business.

1) A good domain name is very important to have; it is the first impression that someone has of your website before they even click on your domain name. Have your domain name relate to what your website is about and to whom you are targeting to your website.

If you are targeting MLM reps have “MLM” somewhere in the domain name, if you are targeting the work from home people than incorporate “work form home” in the domain name. Put some time and effort into your domain name.

2) A high converting self branding lead capture page, this is the gateway to your sales funnel. This is where the most important conversions happen. The webpage transforms cold traffic into leads and prospects for your MLM business. Your capture page is the piece of your sales system that will build your most valuable asset. Your list.

Having a picture of yourself or even a video of you welcoming the visitor, introducing yourself and letting them know what the site is all about will self brand you on the site and will increase the trust level with the prospect.

What your capture page should have.

A: A headline that gets your prospect’s attention
The headline gets the visitor’s attention and sells the opt-in, not your product or your MLM opportunity. Example “Free Report Reveals My #1 Secret To MLM Recruiting”

B: Offer/Bribe

In every step of the sales funnel process, you are making an offer. In the case of the capture page, the offer is your freebie, giveaway or bribe. It is where you present your “Value Exchange” or what they get for getting on your list. Capture Form. If the value is there for the exchange of the visitor’s name and email, the visitor will not have a problem giving you their contact info.

What should you give away? Anything that your prospect might value, it can be anything a free report, video training, recorded webinar, e-book, training series, “How To” report, etc. It does not have to something you created yourself.

C: Capture Form
Is where the visitor is going to give your their contact info to receive your offer. Your capture form will connected to your email auto responder so you will not have to physically email each lead.

A good example is “Get Your Free Report Now! Simple enter in your name and email and I’ll email you the free report in the next 60 seconds”

3)Email auto responder

Is an email service that you can get online where you can load your emails to be sent out to your leads after they have given your their contact info at certain times, without your involvement. The first email should be your offer that they can receive immediately, then the next emails that will be sent to the lead should be have more value that they did not expect.

When you over deliver to the lead your credibility will increase even more and the lead will like and trust you even more. With your emails, you can sprinkle some affiliate product in the emails and even your opportunity in the emails. Just do not try to sell them all the time, give them value and they will love you for it.
Low cost product

Having your own product is a great way to self-brand yourself even more with the lead. However not everyone has their own product. If you do not have, your own product to sell you can sell an affiliate product that is related to your website. When the lead buys your product, you get to keep all of the money, and when they buy an affiliate product, you only keep a percentage of the sale.

4)Having a low-cost product to sell
Selling products on the front end is going to fund your business and your marketing efforts. Every lead that comes into your sales funnel is going to join your MLM business no matter how great your opportunity is. So why not make some money from them by selling them products.

5)Sales Funnel System

A sales funnel system is everything all in one place. It is the best way to build your business online. The process of a sales funnel works like this.

A: You market your site

B: Visitor clicks on your URL and goes to your capture page

C: Visitor becomes a lead when their contact info is entered in.

D: Lead is sent offer, and follow-up emails. They buy a low-cost products on the front end that helps fund your business, and the lead learns more about you. Your MLM business opportunity is presented to the lead on the back-end after they have gone through the process of your sales funnel.

You sign up new recruits into your down line without ever bugging your family and friends, cold calling anyone, talking to strangers, or wasting your time with dead beats.

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